Le Mas et notre famille

A family history

The Mas des Papillons,  is the story of several families who, from year to year, have brought an identity to this area.

Today, we take the torch of this haven of peace, to revive the soul and history of this place with respect for the architecture and tradition of Quercy.

On entering the Mas des papillons, we were caught by the beauty of the white stone peculiar to the Quercy and the magic of the place.

The magic of lot

We decided to drop our bags and with our three daughters, the eldest Elyna, poetic and dreamy, inspired by the mystery of the place … Ysaline, sporty and a bit wild as the field, which awakens the heart of the place …Finally, Syobane the youngest, charming but with character, that brings light to the Mas des Papillons.

Rebecca: “I love this magical and mysterious place, which speaks to me every day as I listen …”

Sylvain: “Here I am connected with nature, in harmony with it. There are so many things to do, to discover. Simple pleasures, cut wood in the forest, do the grape harvest, the most ambitious projects, construct, renovate, the “Mas Des Papillons” brings me what I came for, but it has yet to give me everything!

la vallée du Lot
les pommes du mas et vue du Lot

At the heart of nature

Living in the Mas des Papillons is to cultivate life, fulfil your spirit from the scents, colors, sounds of nature, it is to feel the stone, the earth…

It is with simplicity but also with authenticity that we welcome you to the cottages of the Mas des Papillons, making you share our love of the region, its history, its land and the treasures of the area and its surroundings.

Here, take the time to experience the rhythm of the place in a rejuvenating atmosphere.

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