Sur les traces de l’Homme

Throughout this circuit, you will follow the footsteps of the man’s history from prehistoric times to the present, through the consuls of Cahors and the Hundred Years War.

A spectacular panoramas and many along the valleys of the Lot and Célé

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Leave the Mas des Papillons toward Cahors

Vue du mas
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Saint-Gery, halfway between Cahors and Saint-Cirq Lapopie, is located at the foot of the majestic cliffs of the plateau bordered by the verdant banks of the Lot.

You discover an exceptional panorama on the meanders of the Lot. Start at the bottom of the village by road from the Causse.

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Saint-Cirq Lapopie, ranked most beautiful village in France

By continuing to follow the Lot valley, you will reach Saint-Cirq Lapopie.

Perched on a cliff overlooking a meander of the Lot, Saint-Cirq Lapopie is masterpiece of medieval times. André Breton said of this town, “I have stopped wanting to be elsewhere”.

We understand what you mean André Breton, because the course of the river offers an amazing view of the village, hanging over 100 meters high.

Browse through the streets of the village and admire this medieval city whose old houses have kept their stone and wood facades.

Rebecca’s tip:

Go to the Belvedere that crowns the Lapopie cliff, you will discover a breathtaking view!


LES MÉDIÉVALES : Du 2 au 5 juin 2016

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Cénevières Castle

From Saint-Cirq Lapopie, continue on the road to Chateau Cénevières.

Overlooking the Lot, and planted on a rocky peak, the Castle stands proud. Former stronghold of Gourdon Barons in the XII centuries it experienced the Hundred Years War and the Wars of religion, the castle was not spared because the lords of the region had espoused the Protestant cause.

The De Branquilanges family lives in this castle for many generations and brings this historic monument to life.

Rebecca’s tip:

Arrive for lunch and have a picnic at the foot of the castle.

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Located on the Lot Valley between Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and Figeac, the village becomes golden in the sun and evokes the sweetness of life.

The village is known to have had several famous residents, Francoise Sagan was born there, Georges Pompidou acquired a residence on the plateau in December 1962. The comedian Coluche was a regular at the coffeeshop “chez Moulino”. This is the place that inspired him to write his famous 1975 sketch “The Schmilblic”.

Cajarc hosts the annual Comics Festival and Saffron Festival.

As you leave Cajarc, leave the Lot Valley and over the hills toward Marcilhac-sur-Célé.

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Marcilhac-sur- Célé

Located in the Valley of the Célé, Marcilhac is on the way to Saint John of Compostela and offers hikers and pilgrims several theme paths.



It is an ideal place for a break on the river or a walk to discover these treasures: the Abbey of Saint Pierre de Marcilhac, the Capitulaire room, or the house of ROY.


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Pech-Merle au village de Cabrerets

In the galleries which are over 300 meters, the walls come alive with animal compositions, the best known is “The horses punctuated”. You will be at the center of prehistory. The emotion you win as you see handprints and footprints, preserved in mud.

Little advice:

In high season, it is advisable to book several days in advance.

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